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Make Nonae a best seller!


Clifford Ayers, born on the south-side of Chicago has seen his fair share of ups & downs. Known by friends as the guy who went from 'the roaches to amongst the coaches' Ayers seeks to influence understanding in a world where differences can lead to the loss of opportunities as well as lives.


With complete awareness, he feels we can conquer all of lifes misconceptions and create a better future for generations to come.

This book is the result of Clifford taking notes on the words of inspiration and enlightenment that motivated him to keep moving forward when there seemed as if there was no hope. At the time, life seemed to have NOTHING to offer, but with the mighty power of words, EVERYTHING became possible. 

He hopes these words will influence the same outcome for you.

Text NONAE to 312.774.2464 to purchase your copy today!

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Kenneth Davison

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