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Eat, Drink & Be married

Agape Ever After

High quality Love, Social and Relationship counseling and guidance that elevates your spirit & surroundings. We also want to strive to be a mini-society of upwardly mobile individuals who know the importance of a life well lived! If there are any things you want to discuss or ask, YOU can do it here…Maturely & Effectively.

Text "AGAPE" to 312.774.2464

Love Unconditionally

  • Are you a Perpetual Happy-Face or a Permanent Frown-Face?​

  • Let's Get HappE THEN Get Wealthy & Healthy! The Emotion of Happiness is the most contagious and powerful emotion we can carry, yet so many people have a hard time holding on to this emotion. Together with the HappE team, you will find your Happy and learn ways to hold on to it. For in the Harnessing of Happiness, Life is an open door waiting to give you all that you desire...quickly and easily!​

  • Text "HAPPE" to 312.774.2464

       HappE is The Way to EVERYTHING!

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