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1Life is a consortium of Influencers, Brand Ambassadors and

'IN The Know' Tastemakers who diligently curate experiences and platforms that promote freedom, growth and joy!

Build & produce your best life ever with recruiters and representatives who carefully facilitate high quality business and entertainment avenues for the worlds movers & shakers. Join the ultimate lifestyle concierge and witness a life where team support and group accountability provides the perfect backdrop for a community of individuals to Live Life as 1!

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  • Worldwide Advertising is a 579 Billion dollar industry! It is estimated that the US will eclipse $180 billion in advertising spending this year. By 2019, US advertisers will spend nearly $565 on paid media Just to reach ONE consumer. Where will You be when they are looking to reach the Masses?

  • Text 1LIFE 220 to 312.774.2464 for information on opportunities and investments

"The definition of understanding! Cliff helped me find clarity about the past to be able to produce freedom, growth and joy in my now and future! Agape Ever After for me!!"

Celine Douglass