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The Worldwide You

You World Wide is all about a Worldwide version of YOU!

YOUr connection to Earth!

YOUr connection to Energy!​

YOUr connection to Everything!

YOUr spiritual connection is vital to a life well lived. Being able to harness and elevate YOUr vibration is key and essential to YOUr Development and Happiness. 


You World Wide is an all encompassing approach to everyday life that allows anyone that is in alignment to be able transcend and create a life filled with Freedom, Growth and Joy!

  • BELIEVE: To Believe is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

  • EXPECT: To look for (something) from someone as rightfully due or requisite in the circumstances. Believe that (someone or something) will arrive soon. Regard (something) as likely to happen.

  • YOU...Your most fullfilled version,             B. E. YOU

  • Text YOU WW to 312.774.2464 for information on BEcoming a BEtter YOU

"The definition of understanding! Cliff helped me find clarity about the past to be able to produce freedom, growth and joy in my now and future! Agape Ever After for me!!"

Celine Douglass

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