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  • Clifford C. Ayers III is a certified life coach focused on helping others achieve happiness and success in life and on the job. He is a visionary  who relies on 16 years of experience in management, leadership, strategy, organizational development and customer solutions. His talent and gift is his intuitive ability to understand the issues you are facing to help you discover relevant, practical solutions that directly address your specific needs.

"Consider me a True Friend! I AM dedicated to guiding you toward making lasting, positive changes in your life. I have the insight and commitment to help you discover the courage, confidence and tools needed to explore new opportunities and live your life free to follow your passion."

Cliff is available for coaching and consulting and is happy to speak, design and conduct customized training for you and your team.

To get started, send him a text today at 312.774.2464

"I subscribe to the winners daily notes. Keeps me super focused and on my toes! As Cliff says, "a minor investment with major a return." Well worth the $20 a month."

Spencer Robinson

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