Your Team
We've all heard that 'Together Everyone Achieves More' and that's the exact plan behind 1Life. TOGETHER, as 1, building a MORE prosperous legacy for the future and ACHIEVING world wealth for EVERYONE!
Why don't we have employees at 1Life you ask?
My goal is to partner with You!
To collaborate in finding your purpose, setting your goals and supporting the things you're most passionate about.
For that, I feel that YOU should be rewarded; and not the overhead that staff or a team of brokers would require!
Your precious time and focus should give you a Huge return in the form of what's most important to our everyday...
~Financial Stability~ 
Portfolio Director
Clifford Ayers

Your stock growth is my #1 priority. Together we'll put your money to work! Send me a text and let's discuss your infinite possibilities with our firm. 


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