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Crowd Sourcing meets Influencer marketing!!

The first thing you want to do to get your money making money is decide how much you're willing to invest. Our lowest ISO(Initial stock offer) is $35. That's right, for just $35, you can begin making money while you sleep. There will always be bigger ISOs for more aggressive stockholders. Below are the stocks we currently offer. If you know someone who would like to offer thier business on our exchange, have them reach out to us.

Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising. Just like the actual stock market, good news and popularity determines the activity of the stock. 1Life will not be much different. Each stockholder will speak on and present stocks to friends and family, hence creating a buzz from a variety of avenues with ONE common goal...Coming together as 1Life making our stocks and bank accounts #1!




- Joe Stuart, Partner
“Stocks and Investing made SIMPLE! Immediate returns and i've never taken a loss. 1Life is a brilliant platform.”  
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